1. Any thick liquid that is added to or poured over food as a flavoring and has a high sugar content. 
2. ("Cockney rhyming slang;" shortened from "syrup of figs") A wig.

3. Your next fashion obsession.



Styles that last.

Why spend hundreds of dollars at the salon ruining your hair to get that perfect shade of lavender that lasts two weeks, tops?

Syrup Hair is a forthcoming line of fashion wigs in a range of contemporary cuts and vibrant colors at a price point that all women can afford. 


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We're currently working with our designers to bring you the freshest styles. 

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The Story of Syrup Hair.

In March of 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Right away, I was told that I would begin chemotherapy and that I should immediately prepare myself for the inevitable hair loss. My doctors knew that this was usually one of the hardest pills to swallow on this journey, so I followed their instructions and off to the wig store I went. $400 later, I was sent home with one of their lower-end products, frankly, a D-list version of the hair I was about to lose. As a girl who spent her college years partying with drag queens in the Castro District of San Francisco, I knew this absolutely would not do. I immediately went online and found myself the best lavender ombré number I could find. And, over time, this became a bit of an obsession of mine: spending hours scouring 1990's-era websites with cheesy names in search of the hip pieces lost in a sea of aging-pseudo-celebrity-branded atrocities. 

At the risk of turning this into a sob-story, I should probably mention that 2016 brought a few more surprises with it. Within a month of my diagnosis, my step-father passed away unexpectedly and my boyfriend broke up with me and kicked me out. We call this my couch-surfing-chemo-phase, and not surprisingly, I was about as down as a person can get. It was in this moment that I discovered the transformative power of wigs. 

OMG, I love your hair! I wish I had the guts to do that to mine.
— Literally everyone everywhere

As I put on this purple wig and ventured out into the world, people everywhere would smile at me, strike up conversations, and stop me on the street to ask where I had gotten my hair done. My spirits were lifted in a way I never expected. 

As time went on I found that I barely touched that original piece from the high-end wig store. To me, it felt like a sad version of the old me and something that was there to cover up a shameful secret. The colorful pieces were deliberate fashion choices that had girls everywhere telling me, "I wish I had the guts to do that to my hair." That's when Syrup was born. 

She looks just like Kate Moss when she dated Johnny Depp and went through that bindi phase.
— Some random girl outside of a bar after a piece of glitter fell onto my pink wig (LOL)


MY vision

Why should Cher and Lady Gaga have all the fun?! I believe that wigs can and should be enjoyed by everyone and that they will be the next fashion accessory to be added to your Saturday night glam routine.


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About Me

I'm natalie pavlovsky

I'm 33 years old and live in Oakland, California. I grew up in SoCal and moved to San Francisco in 2005 to complete my degree in Art History from UC Berkeley. I spent several years working in the art industry, after which I worked as a buyer for e-commerce startups in the areas of art, furniture, and fashion.

  Cake and champs in the chemo chair! Who doesn't love that?!

Cake and champs in the chemo chair! Who doesn't love that?!

  My current bae and man of my dreams. And YES, he fell in love with me BALD.

My current bae and man of my dreams. And YES, he fell in love with me BALD.